Shutters can be faux wood, real wood with various slate sizes and shapes

Polysatin™ shutters are plantation-style shutters constructed with UV resistant Polysatin compound, so they’re guaranteed never to warp, crack, fade, chip, peel or discolor, regardless of extreme heat or moisture.

Composite shutters are made from a wood composite material co-extruded with a polypropylene coating for a quality product that’s built to last.

With real wood 100% North American hardwood can be a great alternative to vinyl or composite shutters. Basswood is usually the prime material. This product is better for staining, painting or colour coordinating the interior design of your home.

All shutters can be made into specialty shapes:
• Arches, Angles, Circles

Sunburst patterned louvers cover unique window silhouettes such as eyebrow, elongated, and elliptical arches , right or left angles, penatgons,
• Bay & Corner Windows
• French Doors Mounted to French doors, curved or rectangular cutout options can accommodate door knobs or handles
• Patio & Sliding Glass Doors using a by pass mechanism

Ideal for patio or closet doors, panels slide on a double track that can be attached to a frame or mounted directly to a window casing